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Fun Ways to stay Active in Downtown Oshawa

May 5th, 2020 by Andrea Colaco

Being active can be tough if you're trying to do it on your own. Thankfully there are different places you can go to Downtown Oshawa that can help you stay motivated and fit.

Lava Yoga

Yoga is a great way to build core muscle strength and connect with your body. Lava Yoga offers a variety of classes and you can choose the level you would want to participate in. You can get a group of people to join and make it a fun way for you and your friends to socialize while being active or you can go by yourself and just work on staying relaxed and increasing your flexibility. Lava Yoga offers classes with varying temperatures and is open seven days a week so there's no chance of missing out. Take a couple of hours out of your day to relax and unwind from your busy schedule.


Leo Wong's Tae Kwon-Do & Krav Maga

Leo Wong's Tae Kwon-Do & Krav Maga offers four martial arts programs: Tae Kwon-Do, Krav Maga, Tiny Tigers, and Boot Camps. If you haven't heard of Krava Maga before, it's a type of reality-based self-defense class that is easy to learn. Their two main principles are "positive mental attitude" and "high goal setting", many students come with varying degrees of ability and have different goals they want to achieve. The instructors work with each student one on one, so no one is left out and everyone can progress confidently towards their goals. This establishment has been running for over 45 years and has been committed to helping develop their students to be the best they can be.



Check out all the different group fitness classes or the recreational sports the YMCA offers. Group fitness classes are a great way to keep yourself motivated when getting a workout done. If you’re someone who prefers one on one training, they also have personal trainers you can work with to achieve your fitness goals. The YMCA even offers classes for the whole family, so you can spend some quality family time while staying active. Their activities range from different fitness levels so no one feels left out.


Fitness classes, Krav Maga, Tae Kwon-Do, and Yoga are some great ways to keep active while either learning something new or doing what you love to do. Taking time to focus on yourself is a great way to stay motivated and relieve any stress you are feeling.