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Participate in Our Downtown Survey and Win Cash!

The Oshawa Business Improvement Area (BIA) is committed to ensuring a thriving Downtown Oshawa that reflects the best of both economic development and quality of life and we need your help. The BIA has created two report cards to be completed by downtown businesses and Oshawa residents to give us a better idea of how the downtown core is perceived and what we can do to enhance the downtown experience for the Oshawa community.

Your participation in this survey will give you a chance to win some cash. If you’re an owner or employee of a downtown business, you can win $250! If you’re an Oshawa resident, you can enter to win $100! The winner of the business survey will be cross-referenced to ensure they are the owner or an employee of a business located in Downtown Oshawa. The deadline for completing both report cards is August 26, 2019, so be sure to complete them right away. All answers will be kept anonymous.

These report cards will be used as a baseline and will be released annually so that the BIA can benchmark its progress. The intent of this report card is to; assess the strengths and areas we can improve in Downtown Oshawa, identify existing or emerging opportunities for future growth, and to determine specific priorities for how living, playing and working in Downtown Oshawa could be enhanced.

"The Downtown Oshawa BIA is committed to ensuring research-based decision making derived from the real-life experiences and perceptions of our businesses, their employees, and the residents of the City we call home!" - Amanda MacDonald, Executive Director of Oshawa Downtown BIA.

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