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The Downtown Oshawa BIA is Excited to Announce the Winners of the Pole Wrap Competition!

In July, the Downtown Oshawa BIA released a competition for local artists to submit a design to be showcased on pole wraps that will be installed throughout the downtown. After months of receiving proposals from the talented local arts community, the competition has come to a close and the winners have been chosen!

The runner-up of the competition is Annabella Booher. Annabella is 7 years old and she loves reading about dragons and playing Dungeons and Dragons with her parents. Her concept statement reads, "I want the Canadian maple leaf to be seen over a field of colourful tulips." This is her first submission for a public artwork competition and the vision was executed by her mother Dorothy. She looks forward to seeing all winning submissions by other artists in her community. The runner-up will be receiving $50 as an award.

Annabella's Design Submission:

We're thrilled to announce that the winner of the pole wrap competition is Chad Tyson! His concept represents the different aspects of downtown, from shopping & services, food, events, and education that are related to the new downtown colours. Chad wanted to, "use the BIA colours and words that express what the downtown is all about." Chad will be receiving the $600 award for winning the competition. He has generously donated this award to Annabella to congratulate her on submitting her artwork for the first time publicly and to encourage her to continue getting involved in the arts.

The Final Design:

"These pole wraps bring a new and exciting look to urban streetscapes. We're thrilled to be a part of this addition to Downtown Oshawa!" - Colleen Browne, Street Graffiti Solutions Partner.

These pole wraps could not have been completed without the support from Durham College who generously contributed significant funds to this beautification project. This project was also supported by Oshawa power who donated the poles. The Downtown Oshawa BIA loves seeing the community come together to enhance its streetscape and be involved in its development. We would also like to acknowledge Andrew Niven, who assisted in finalizing the design concepts. 

"Durham College has been a part of Oshawa for more than 52 years, developing student and graduate talent in our community," said Don Lovisa, president, Durham College. "As we continue to train the next generation of creators, it is such a pleasure to support local artists as they add to the vibrant canvas of the downtown core - an area that we feel should represent all of Oshawa's post-secondary institutions."

"After months of planning and community consultation with businesses in areas requesting a beautification fix for drab-looking street poles, it is so exciting to see the implementation and installation of these pole wraps into downtown! The wraps will assist with the beautification of street poles where the hydro pole is structurally sound but may not always look the best. We’re most excited to see the wraps installed within our new catchment areas!" - Amanda MacDonald, Executive Director, Downtown Oshawa BIA