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The Downtown Oshawa BIA is Getting a Fresh New Look!

On Tuesday, October 15, the Downtown Oshawa Business Improvement Association will be launching their new branding. The rebranding includes a new logo, new downtown colours, and a new tagline which represents the downtown as a thriving place to live, work, and play.

This rebranding process began in June, where committee and board members of the BIA came together to discuss what downtown Oshawa means to them. From this, colours were chosen based on the main themes of their answers: "Discover, Dynamic, Vibe." This new look comes with new ideas, new events, and new projects, with a goal of enhancing the downtown and increasing the amount of people who walk through the streets.

"A brand is a story that unites us all in a common purpose and connects us with the people around us. This new logo does exactly that!" - Matt Bowles, Lovell Drugs, Chair of BIA Marketing Committee

The logo is multifaceted; the amp plug representing the buildings and their various industries (as assigned by colour), their presence as a heartbeat in downtown, and the creation of a new vibe. The blue represents our educational institutions in Oshawa and in the downtown, green represents the over 70 different eateries and restaurants, the purple colour signifies special events that take place in the downtown and lastly the orange represents the variety of shopping experiences.

"The new logo better represents how our downtown Oshawa is a fun and vibrant place to be!" - Clarissa Sidaway, CPA, CA, Downtown Oshawa Marketing Committee

The new tagline, "Discover the Vibe", represents downtown Oshawa as a place to explore, for people who live in and outside of the city. Downtown Oshawa is becoming a place with a thriving local arts and culture scene, and the new branding emphasizes that aspect of the city. The colours merging in the tagline signifies how all sectors come together as a vital part of downtown that makes it what it is.

"Downtown Oshawa is known for having a vibrant atmosphere where people from all walks of life can discover the dynamism that is our local restaurants, arts, culture, and shopping scene! Visitors in downtown can eat at one of our 70 downtown eateries or restaurants before enjoying one of our 13 arts and culture venues, or before shopping at our amazing stores - come Discover our Vibe!" - Amanda MacDonald, Executive Director, Downtown Oshawa BIA

"As a member of the downtown Oshawa business community, I am proud to be part of a strong and resilient group of businesses who are committed to the vision of making downtown Oshawa a destination that all residents of the city can enjoy." - Isaac Musial, Compass Wealth Partners, Downtown Oshawa Marketing Committee