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The Downtown Oshawa Student Experience

May 5th, 2020 by Roger Ragoonath

Every weekday from September to April, you can expect to see many university students buzzing around Downtown Oshawa. The Ontario Tech University downtown campus is located just outside the heart of Downtown Oshawa. On this campus, social science and humanities students build their student experience throughout the downtown area. You'll often find groups of friends walking in between 61 Charles Street and Bordessa Hall all afternoon. The downtown student experience is something quite special. Beyond going to lectures, the student experience allowed me to explore every inch of Downtown Oshawa. I'll never forget my four years of being a student in Downtown Oshawa, and how it shaped my university adventure.

My first time arriving in Downtown Oshawa was in September 2016. My first task as a student was navigating my way to class. I got off the bus at King Street East and Simcoe, with no idea where to go. I saw other students getting off the bus, and decided it would just be best to follow them. We all walked together and arrived at Regent Theatre just down the road. That's something special about the downtown student experience, we often move in packs. Whether it be getting off the bus, leaving class with friends, or going out to grab food, everyone moves in together.

I often found a friend or two on the bus that I would end up walking to class with. After a few years, these walks from the bus stop turned into walks from the Mary Street parking garage. Some days I'd take a different route to class, allowing me to explore all the different things Downtown Oshawa has to offer. After four years, I think I've officially determined the fastest route to walk through Downtown Oshawa.

Little breaks in class also frequently turned into little adventures to find a cup of coffee or some food. Dozens of students would all flood out of the building together with 15 to 20 minutes to scavenge food. We would all head in different directions to satisfy our taste buds, then run back to class trying not to drop our food. The tiny adventures to find food around campus is definitely a mark of the downtown student experience.

After class, there's always the traditional option to study on campus, but in Downtown Oshawa why would you want to stay in the campus library? Any student can study, but not all can explore a lively downtown area just minutes from campus. This is what truly makes the Downtown Oshawa student experience unique. Instead of being confined to campus buildings, Downtown Oshawa gives students the freedom to explore a larger area and community. There is so much more to the student experience than school itself. Whether it was tagging along with a friend on their trip to the bank, or having a photo shoot on some painted walls, there was always something more to do in Downtown Oshawa than to just be a student.

After four years of university, my downtown student experience in Oshawa has come to an end. I feel like I have the streets of Downtown Oshawa engraved in my brain forever. From first-year me wandering the streets with a crowd to exploring the area with friends, to leaving with a map of Downtown Oshawa engraved in my brain, I would definitely say the downtown student experience highlights my last four years.

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