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The Sign Says It All

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By Chris Jones/The Oshawa Express

The Oshawa community is coming together to thank frontline workers as they continue to provide much-needed services to the public.

From doctors to grocery store workers, frontline workers have continued to support the Oshawa community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus far numerous businesses have been forced to close or find alternate means to do business because of the pandemic, but these brave souls continue to put themselves at risk despite the looming threat of the virus, and the community has a single message: thank you.

In total there have been 119 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Oshawa, with 621 across Durham Region. Pickering has seen the most with 208.

One group looking to thank frontline workers is the Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce.

"On behalf of the Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce, thank you to all the front line workers for your commitment to keeping us healthy and safe, 24/7. We recognise the sacrifice you make every time you take a shift. Know that you are very much appreciated," says CEO Nancy Shaw.

The Downtown Oshawa Business Improvement Area's Executive Director Amanda MacDonald also spoke to The Oshawa Express on behalf of the organization.

"Downtown Oshawa would like to thank the heroes and titans of our community, those on the frontlines working day-in and day-out to save lives, restock shelves, care for our elderly, those who protect and serve, clean and sanitize, and for those who have risen during unprecedented times," she says.

MacDonald went on, stating that all frontline workers have the businesses of the downtown core's support.

"Downtown Oshawa and it's over 490 businesses and property owners, would like to express our thanks to the citizen staying home, for ordering out, shopping local, having patience, and understanding - we miss you too. We can't wait to see you back downtown when it's safe," says MacDonald.

Oshawa MPP Jennifer French also expressed her gratitude towards frontline workers, saying she and the Oshawa community appreciate the work and care being put in by frontline workers every day.

"To the healthcare workers and caring professionals in hospitals, homes, long term care facilities and residential supportive homes - we can never measure your care, help and sacrifice to keep us healthy and well. Thank you," she says.

She notes frontline workers do their jobs and make sacrifices each and everyday, adding resources are often an issue.

"Police, paramedics, fire fighters and corrections officers keep us safe and protected – and often without the resources or equipment they need to stay safe themselves," she says. "We continue to appreciate and advocate for all of our frontline workers to have what they need to stay well and able to do such invaluable work across our communities. Those who can, need to stay home for them."

Robert Howard, chief possibility officer and vice president of external relations at United Way Durham also expressed his gratitude towards frontline workers.

"Difficult and turbulent times can bring out the best in all of us. There is no better example of this than the manner in which all of our first responders have risen to this occasion. We, and the entire community, are grateful," he says.

Finally, Oshawa Mayor Dan Carter is addressing frontline workers, noting it isn't just those working in a hospital setting.

"It's our emergency services, it's everybody that is working on the frontlines, and at this particular moment, their extraordinary commitment to their community, to their profession, and to those that they serve is an extraordinary moment in this history of our city, and the history of our country," says Carter.

He adds he is grateful not only for their work today, but for their work every single day they serve the community.

"We are a blessed community because of them," he says.