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Finding the perfect slice in Downtown Oshawa

May 5th, 2020 by Roger Ragoonath

There are a variety of food options in Downtown Oshawa, but nothing beats a good pizza. While you may not be in Italy or New York, we can guarantee you that the pizza in Downtown Oshawa will amaze you. The best part is that there isn't just one pizzeria, there's multiple! Downtown Oshawa is home to four pizza restaurants; Avanti Trattoria, Gino's Pizza, Pizzamunno, and Regino's Pizza. To help you decide which one to try first, we've highlighted each one below!

Avanti Trattoria (Avanti’s) - 17 King Street East

Avanti's is a family-owned and operated restaurant bringing a piece of Italy to Downtown Oshawa through its interior design and tasty food. Striving to bring Italian culture through great food and service, Avanti's is a great place to eat and chat. When the weather is warm, Avanti's opens their outdoor patio allowing guests to soak in the sunshine. Avanti's serves stone-fired pizzas, cooking each pizza to perfection. Along with the 20+ featured pizzas on their menu, Avanti's also serves a variety of other Italian dishes including pasta, paninis, desserts, and more.

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Check out everything Avanti's has to offer here!

Gino's Pizza - 38 King Street East

Since 1981, over 100 Gino's Pizza locations have opened around Ontario, and Downtown Oshawa has one just for you. Whether you need a quick slice or pizzas to share, Gino's has you covered. You can even create a Gino's account online to join their eClub and receive exclusive offers. Gino's has a wide variety of pizzas, including some specialties. If you're an adventurous diner, specialties such as the Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza, Taco Pizza, and Butter Chicken Pizza are definitely ones to try.

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Pick a location and explore the Gino's menu!

Pizzamunno - 35 King Street East

When you walk in Pizzamunno there's two things you'll notice right away; the friendly greet you get when you walk in and the grand display of pizzas right in front of you. Pizzamunno also aims to serve authentic Italian pizza with top quality dough, sauce, and toppings. You can order slices or whole pizzas. The best thing about Pizzamunno is how massive the pizza slices are. In comparison to other restaurants where slices might be an eighth of a pizza, Pizzamunno gives an enormous sixth of a pizza. Along with pizzas, Pizzamunno also offers Calzones and a variety of beverages.

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See what catches your eye on the Pizzamunno menu!

Regino's Pizza - 15 Bond Street West

Regino's Pizza is loved all over the Greater Toronto Area, and thankfully they've brought their delicious slices to Downtown Oshawa! Regino's offers a variety of pizzas and the option to create your own. If you don't feel like going out, Regino's also delivers. The best part about Regino's is that there are a ton of deals that help you save money including their daily specials, combos and online promotions. Customer favourites at Regino's are the Mexican Pizza, Philinos Pizza, Vegetarian Pizza, and the Mr. Regino Pizza.

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You can find their menu here!

Hopefully this list has made choosing your pizza outing in Downtown Oshawa as easy as pie (pun intended). Sorry if that pun was too cheesy (oops, I did it again!)