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Why Entrepreneurs Should Bring Their Business to Downtown Oshawa

If you're looking for a new place to bring your business, look no further than Downtown Oshawa. Whether your business is a new restaurant looking to open, or a professional service looking to headquarter somewhere new, Downtown Oshawa is the place for you. We created a list of pros on why Downtown Oshawa is the place for your next successful business.

Diverse Cultural Hub

Downtown Oshawa is welcoming to all its businesses, residents, tourists, and locals! It is also home to an enormous art, culture, and entertainment scene. Between the different individuals and businesses, Downtown Oshawa will certainly welcome your business with open arms. New additions to the city’s cultural hub are always sought to improve our area's diversity.

Private and Shared Office Spaces

If your business needs an office headquarters, private or shared office spaces might be the place for you. Downtown Oshawa has five locations hosting office spaces including 71 Albert Street Office Space, CORE21, Lord Simcoe Place, McLaughlin Square Business Hub, and Spark Centre. Amenities found in Downtown Oshawa office spaces include private meeting rooms, shared community spaces, and a friendly atmosphere. Our BIA office is even located in a shared office space here in Downtown!

Store Fronts Available

Restaurants and retail stores will love the storefront benefit of Downtown Oshawa. Spaces available with window displays or main street access will certainly add to the buzz of your business. Showcase your business's stunning products or company merchandise in storefront window displays for pedestrians and drivers to see. Restaurants might want to use the storefront capabilities to create a small patio or lounging area.

Downtown Core Location

If your business serves the public, nothing is better than having a business in a vibrant downtown core. With bike lanes, public transportation, roads, and sidewalks, accessibility to your business is a breeze for all. The energy of an active downtown will certainly add to the liveliness of customers walking in and out of your business’s front door.

Business Support & Representation

Businesses in Downtown Oshawa need the best environment, resources, and support for success. The Downtown Oshawa Business Improvement Area (BIA) plays a key role in creating a thriving downtown for local business owners. Through keeping businesses informed of any important information, resources, and city news, advocating on behalf of businesses, hosting local downtown events, and beautifying the area, the BIA is ready to support your business.

Now it’s time for you to bring your business to Downtown Oshawa!

By Roger Ragoonath