Downtown Oshawa July Newsletter

True to form and past history, lots of great things have been happening and will continue to happen in downtown Oshawa. The Beerfestorganize by Darryl Kosterat Buster Rhinos was a huge success with hundreds in attendance. A week later, our Wine Festival, hosted by the Robert McLaughlin Gallery and organized by the BIA, saw at least 600 people come out. Mamma Mia will be running at the Regent Theatre throughout the month of July and next year, we look forward to Dancyn Productions having potentially a summer long festival at the Regent. In addition, we are hoping for the return of a farmers’ market downtown next year as well as numerous other events and happenings. Next month, we look forward to Bikes on Bond (August 12th) and Kars on King (August 25th). Let’s pray for a little less rain and a little more sunshine or these events.



Thanks for everyone who came out and made the Wine Tasting Festival a huge success! With 600 people in attendance, a great atmosphere, delicious wine and community spirit, we are looking forward to the events coming up next!



Brew Wizards is new to downtown within the last year. They are a board game cafe that serves high-end coffee and local craft beer. Whether for a hot or cold drink, delicious snacks or a fun evening with friends, it is a place to stay awhile. In their own words:

“We’re four wizards on a quest for craft beer potions, magical coffee beans and a labyrinthian archive housing the complete collection of board games in the Milky Way. Our powers are growing and our skill trees have taken root in the magical land of Oshawa. With the masters of alchemy by our side, we have been able to provide craft beer and craft coffee to the kind hearted fold that inhabit this land. The gaming archive is utilized daily, but beware the restricted section. those games are not for the faint of heard, and have claimed the lives of countless wizards in battle of Imperium. Safe Journeys.”


Cupcake Goodness is a family bakery new to downtown Oshawa. They specialize in cupcakes, assorted bars, butter tarts, shortbread and custom cakes although, really do it all! They made fresh bread for the Wine Festival and Cupcake Goodness became a key part of the event. Carla, the owner was excited to get involved and asked if she could not only make fresh bread for the event. She said, “I’ve been to two BIA events since opening downtown and we’ve had more support in those two events than we had for the last 2 years at our previous location outside of Oshawa. The support from the community has been amazing! We’ve seen so many people come through our doors who we met at the event and came to see us and what else we have to offer.”



Dream Bloom designs flowers and events. Tehy’ve also built a floristry bar to offer a place for people to pass the time, bond with friends or family, be creative or just to relax. The bar is a DIY station for floral arrangement. People cam come in alone or with friends and create something special. They mostly do weddings but love doing corporate and social functions.

“We opened our Studio about two and a half months ago and we’re super excited to be a part of Oshawa’s community. When I learned about the Wine Festival I thought it would be a great way to get involved in the community so I reached out to Angela about being a part of it. I love downtown and being a business owner in Downtown Oshawa. I want to do as much as I can to help shape it into a beautiful city that everyone wants to live in and enjoy. Our strength lies in creating beautiful things so I’m hopeful that through that we can help in revitalizing our downtown.”


Classic Flowers has been located in the downtown area for 40 years serving Oshawa with flowers for every ocassion. They were excited to get involved with the Wine Tasting Festival as they try to be involved and play a part in the community. “Glad we were able to be involved at such a lovely event at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery. We were happy to provide a fresh floral arrangement for the event to add the ambience of the evening!”

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