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Welcome downtown Oshawa business owners!

This is where you will find important documents and other resources related to BIA activities. If there's anything you're looking for that's not available here please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

Agendas and Meeting Minutes
December 17th Board Meeting AgendaDecember 14th Emergency Board Meeting MinutesDecember 14th Emergency Board Meeting AgendaNovember 26th Board Meeting MinutesNovember 26th Board Meeting PackageNovember 25th Governance AgendaNovember 17th Economic Development AgendaNovember 11th Marketing Meeting AgendaNovember 9th Community Development AgendaOctober 29th Board Meeting MinutesOctober 29th Board Meeting AgendaOctober 28th Governance MinutesOctober 28th Governance AgendaOctober 26th Marketing Planning MinutesOctober 26th Marketing Planning MeetingOctober 20th Economic Development & Beautification AgendaOctober 14th Marketing MinutesOctober 14th Marketing AgendaOctober 13th Community Development MinutesOctober 13th Community Development AgendaSeptember 24th Board Meeting MinutesSeptember 24th Board Meeting AgendaSeptember 23rd Governance Meeting MinutesSeptember 21st Event Meeting MinutesSeptember 15th Economic Development and Beautification Meeting AgendaSeptember 14th Community Development Meeting AgendaSeptember 9th Marketing Meeting MinutesSeptember 9th Marketing Meeting AgendaAugust 27th Board Meeting MinutesAugust 27th Board Meeting AgendaAugust 26th Governance Meeting MinutesAugust 26th Governance Committee Meeting AgendaAugust 18th Economic Development and Beautification Committee Meeting AgendaAugust 17th Events Committee Meeting AgendaAugust 13th Special Board Meeting minutesAugust 13th Special Meeting AgendaAugust 12th Marketing Meeting MinutesAugust 12th Marketing Meeting AgendaAugust 10th Community Development Meeting AgendaJuly 30th Board Meeting MinutesJuly 30th Board Meeting AgendaJuly 29th Governance Meeting MinutesJuly 29th Governance AgendaJuly 21st Econ Dev/Beautification Committee Meeting MinutesJuly 21st Economic Development and Beautification AgendaJuly 20th Events AgendaJuly 13th Community Development Meeting MinutesJuly 13th Community Development AgendaJuly 8th Marketing Meeting MinutesJuly 8th Marketing Meeting AgendaJune 25th Board Meeting MinutesJune 25th Board Meeting AgendaJune 16th Special Meeting MinutesJune 16th Special Meeting AgendaJune 15th Events Committee MeetingJune 10th Marketing Meeting AgendaMay - Special MeetingMayMarch 11th Marketing MinutesFebruaryJanuary
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