Downtown Oshawa September 2017 Newsletter


Looking for a tattoo?

Check out Black Watch Tower. Owner Jon has over 30 years experience in the industry. He is well versed in re-constructs, custom designs, cover up, cosmetic, repairs and flash. Ever wonder where the term flash comes from? The term ‘flash’ dates back to the 20’s when people giving tattoos had to vacate their location at a moments notice. Their designs were often on boards that could easily be packed up for a speedy exit.

Along with being able to get a special tattoo, Black Watch Tattoo is Durham’s oldest retail supply store.

When you stop in for a visit (10 Ontario St), do not be alarmed when you are met by the store dog. A naturally gifted therapy dog, Tank helps customers relax as they are receiving their tattoos.

Check them out below or by visiting

Jean Guy Dugas House Cleaning for Seniors

With so many seniors in Oshawa and many with no family to help them, Jean Guy saw an opportunity to offer a service that are geared towards supporting their needs. Although his business name indicates housing cleaning, Jean also provides many other services including: providing rides for seniors to get to an appointment, to get their medication or even if they need groceries picked up.

So why this service? Jean Guy loves the to hear the stories about their experiences noting it to be a great way to learn about local history.

If you know of anyone who can use his help, please pass his contact information along. Jean Guy can be contacted by phone at 905-924-4713 and also on Facebook at Jean-Guy Dugas’ House Cleaning for Seniors.

A Message from our Executive Director

Well, the busy summer schedule is all but done. Bikes on Bond, Kars on King, the Wine Festival, the Durham Beer Fest and Mama Mia (as well as others) all did their part to bring thousands of visitors to Downtown Oshawa.

So, is it now time to rest? No way. Oshawa’s first ever Butter Tart Festival is set for October 7th while we also look forward to several Christmas related events like the Santa Claus Parade, a Christmas tree decorating event at the Holiday Inn, a more traditional celebration a little closer to Christmas Day/week and hopefully, a sparkling wine tasting event early in the New Year. Details for all of these will be forthcoming.

While we work on doing our part for these activities, preparations have already begun for next year. We plan to repeat all the successes we enjoyed this year plus add a Caribana Day, a second theatre run at the Regent Theatre, a Festival of the Arts weekend and an international wine festival. Sounds like a lot of work. It can be a lot of fun but most importantly, it brings people to Downtown Oshawa. Let’s all of us take advantage of the foot traffic.

Two final notes: First, welcome to Matt Cronin, a person familiar to many of you and one who is familiar with Downtown Oshawa. Matt will be working with us to improve our presence in social media circles as well as putting more relevant content on our website. Stay tuned on this. Second, welcome to Cindy Malachowski (owner and property manager of Lord Simcoe Place) who is our newest Board member. For my part, I certainly look forward to having Cindy on the Board.

Stay tuned and let’s keep the momentum going

A special thank you to all the members who attended our Annual General Meeting!
Reminder that the next meeting will take place Thursday 1 December 2017 at Core 21 - 21 Simcoe Street South at 8:30 AM